package http

Contains standard HTTP constants. For example:

val text = ContentTypes.TEXT
val ok = Status.OK
val accept = HeaderNames.ACCEPT
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Type Members

  1. case class ContentTypeOf [-A] (mimeType: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    Defines the default content type for type A.

  2. trait ContentTypes extends AnyRef

    Defines common HTTP Content-Type.

  3. trait DefaultContentTypeOfs extends AnyRef

    Contains typeclasses for ContentTypeOf.

  4. trait DefaultWriteables extends LowPriorityWriteables

    Default Writeable.

  5. trait HeaderNames extends AnyRef

    Defines all standard HTTP headers.

  6. trait LowPriorityWriteables extends AnyRef

    Default Writeable with lowwe priority.

  7. trait Status extends AnyRef

    Defines all standard HTTP status codes.

  8. case class Writeable [-A] (transform: (A) ⇒ Array[Byte]) extends Product with Serializable

    Transform a value of type A to a Byte Array.

Value Members

  1. object ContentTypeOf extends DefaultContentTypeOfs with Serializable

    Default Content-Type typeclasses.

  2. object ContentTypes extends ContentTypes

    Defines common HTTP Content-Type.

  3. object HeaderNames extends HeaderNames

    Defines all standard HTTP headers.

  4. object Status extends Status

    Defines all standard HTTP Status.

  5. object Writeable extends DefaultWriteables with Serializable

    Helper utilities for Writeable.