package csrf

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Type Members

  1. class CSRFAction extends EssentialAction

    An action that provides CSRF protection.

  2. case class CSRFFilter(tokenName: String = CSRFConf.TokenName, cookieName: Option[String] = CSRFConf.CookieName, secureCookie: Boolean = CSRFConf.SecureCookie, createIfNotFound: (RequestHeader) ⇒ Boolean = ...) extends EssentialFilter with Product with Serializable

    A filter that provides CSRF protection.

Value Members

  1. object CSRF

  2. object CSRFAction

  3. object CSRFAddToken

    CSRF add token action.

  4. object CSRFCheck

    CSRF check action.

  5. object Global extends WithFilters with api.GlobalSettings

    Default global, use this if CSRF is your only Filter