package anorm

Anorm API

Use the SQL method to start an SQL query

import anorm._

SQL("Select 1")
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Type Members

  1. case class BatchSql(sql: SqlQuery, params: Seq[Seq[(String, ParameterValue[_])]]) extends Product with Serializable

  2. trait Column[A] extends (Any, MetaDataItem) ⇒ MayErr[SqlRequestError, A]

  3. case class ColumnName(qualified: String, alias: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  4. case class ColumnNotFound(columnName: String, possibilities: List[String]) extends SqlRequestError with Product with Serializable

  5. case class Error(msg: SqlRequestError) extends SqlResult[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

  6. case class Id[ID](id: ID) extends Pk[ID] with Product with Serializable

  7. case class MayErr[+E, +A](e: Either[E, A]) extends Product with Serializable

  8. case class MetaData(ms: List[MetaDataItem]) extends Product with Serializable

  9. case class MetaDataItem(column: ColumnName, nullable: Boolean, clazz: String) extends Product with Serializable

  10. case class MockRow(data: List[Any], metaData: MetaData) extends Row with Product with Serializable

  11. case class ParameterValue[A](aValue: A, statementSetter: ToStatement[A]) extends Product with Serializable

  12. abstract class Pk[+ID] extends AnyRef

  13. trait PriorityEight extends PrioritySeven

  14. trait PriorityFive extends PriorityFour

  15. trait PriorityFour extends PriorityThree

  16. trait PriorityNine extends PriorityEight

  17. trait PriorityOne extends AnyRef

  18. trait PrioritySeven extends PrioritySix

  19. trait PrioritySix extends PriorityFive

  20. trait PriorityThree extends PriorityTwo

  21. trait PriorityTwo extends PriorityOne

  22. trait ResultSetParser[+A] extends (ResultSet) ⇒ SqlResult[A]

  23. trait Row extends AnyRef

  24. trait RowParser[+A] extends (Row) ⇒ SqlResult[A]

  25. case class SimpleSql[T](sql: SqlQuery, params: Seq[(String, ParameterValue[_])], defaultParser: RowParser[T]) extends Sql with Product with Serializable

  26. trait Sql extends AnyRef

  27. case class SqlMappingError(msg: String) extends SqlRequestError with Product with Serializable

  28. case class SqlQuery(query: String, argsInitialOrder: List[String] = immutable.this.List.empty[Nothing], queryTimeout: Option[Int] = scala.None) extends Sql with Product with Serializable

  29. abstract class SqlRequestError extends AnyRef

  30. trait SqlResult[+A] extends AnyRef

  31. case class SqlRow(metaData: MetaData, data: List[Any]) extends Row with Product with Serializable

  32. case class Success[A](a: A) extends SqlResult[A] with Product with Serializable

  33. trait ToStatement[A] extends AnyRef

  34. case class TupleFlattener[F](f: F) extends Product with Serializable

  35. case class TypeDoesNotMatch(message: String) extends SqlRequestError with Product with Serializable

  36. case class UnexpectedNullableFound(on: String) extends SqlRequestError with Product with Serializable

  37. case class ~[+A, +B](_1: A, _2: B) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Column

  2. object MayErr extends Serializable

  3. object NoColumnsInReturnedResult extends SqlRequestError with Product with Serializable

  4. object NotAssigned extends Pk[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

  5. object ResultSetParser

  6. object Row

  7. object RowParser

  8. def SQL(stmt: String): SqlQuery

  9. object Sql

  10. object SqlParser

  11. object SqlStatementParser extends JavaTokenParsers

  12. object ToStatement

  13. object TupleFlattener extends PriorityNine with Serializable

  14. object Useful

  15. implicit def implicitID[ID](id: Id[ID] with NotNull): ID

  16. implicit def sqlToBatch(sql: SqlQuery): BatchSql

  17. implicit def sqlToSimple(sql: SqlQuery): SimpleSql[Row]

  18. implicit def toParameterValue[A](a: A)(implicit p: ToStatement[A]): ParameterValue[A]

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