package concurrent

Utility classes commonly useful in concurrent programming, such as Promise and Akka helpers. For example:

val promise1 = akka.dispatch.Future{"hello"}.asPromise
val promise2 = Promise.pure(mylongRunningJob)
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Type Members

  1. class AkkaPlugin extends Plugin

    Plugin managing the application Akka Actor System.

  2. class PlayRedeemable[-A] extends Redeemable[A]

  3. trait NotWaiting[+A] extends PromiseValue[A]

    A promise state that contains either a value or an exception.

  4. class PlayPromise[+A] extends AnyRef

    A promised value that wraps around scala.

  5. sealed trait PromiseValue[+A] extends AnyRef

    The state of a promise; it's waiting, contains a value, or contains an exception.

  6. trait Redeemable[-A] extends AnyRef

    A redeemable can be completed exactly once with either a value of type A or an exception.

  7. case class Redeemed[+A](a: A) extends NotWaiting[A] with Product with Serializable

    A promise state containing a non-exception value.

  8. case class Thrown(e: Throwable) extends NotWaiting[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

    A promise state containing an exception.

Value Members

  1. object Akka

    Helper to access the application defined Akka Actor system.

  2. object Execution

  3. object Promise

    useful helper methods to create and compose Promises

  4. object Waiting extends PromiseValue[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

    A promise state indicating it has not been completed yet.

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object PurePromise

    Represents an already-completed promise by immediately evaluating the parameter.

  2. implicit def futureToPlayPromise[A](fu: Future[A]): PlayPromise[A]


    (Since version 2.2) Use scala.concurrent.Future instead.

  3. implicit def promiseToRedeemable[A](p: scala.concurrent.Promise[A]): PlayRedeemable[A]


    (Since version 2.2) Use scala.concurrent.Promise instead.

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