package ning

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Type Members

  1. class NingAsyncHttpClientConfigBuilder extends AnyRef

    Builds a valid AsyncHttpClientConfig object from config.

  2. class NingWSAPI extends WSAPI

  3. case class NingWSClient(config: AsyncHttpClientConfig) extends WSClient with Product with Serializable

    A WS client backed by a Ning AsyncHttpClient.

    A WS client backed by a Ning AsyncHttpClient.

    If you need to debug Ning, set in your application.conf file.


    a client configuration object

  4. trait NingWSComponents extends AnyRef

    Ning WS API implementation components.

  5. class NingWSModule extends Module

  6. case class NingWSRequest(client: NingWSClient, method: String, auth: Option[(String, String, WSAuthScheme)], calc: Option[WSSignatureCalculator], headers: Map[String, Seq[String]], body: WSBody, builder: RequestBuilder) extends WSRequest with Product with Serializable

    A WS Request.

  7. case class NingWSRequestHolder(client: NingWSClient, url: String, method: String, body: WSBody, headers: Map[String, Seq[String]], queryString: Map[String, Seq[String]], calc: Option[WSSignatureCalculator], auth: Option[(String, String, WSAuthScheme)], followRedirects: Option[Boolean], requestTimeout: Option[Int], virtualHost: Option[String], proxyServer: Option[WSProxyServer]) extends WSRequestHolder with Product with Serializable

    A WS Request builder.

  8. case class NingWSResponse(ahcResponse: com.ning.http.client.Response) extends WSResponse with Product with Serializable

    A WS HTTP response.

  9. class WSClientProvider extends Provider[WSClient]

Value Members

  1. object NingWSClient extends Serializable