package guice

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Type Members

  1. final class GuiceApplicationBuilder extends GuiceBuilder[GuiceApplicationBuilder]

    A builder for creating Applications using Guice.

  2. class GuiceApplicationLoader extends ApplicationLoader

    An ApplicationLoader that uses Guice to bootstrap the application.

    An ApplicationLoader that uses Guice to bootstrap the application.

    Subclasses can override the builder and overrides methods.

  3. abstract class GuiceBuilder[Self] extends AnyRef

    A builder for creating Guice-backed Play Injectors.

  4. class GuiceInjector extends Injector

    Play Injector backed by a Guice Injector.

  5. final class GuiceInjectorBuilder extends GuiceBuilder[GuiceInjectorBuilder]

    Default empty builder for creating Guice-backed Injectors.

  6. class GuiceLoadException extends RuntimeException

  7. trait GuiceableModule extends AnyRef

    Magnet pattern for creating Guice modules from Play modules or bindings.

  8. trait GuiceableModuleConversions extends AnyRef

    Implicit conversions to GuiceableModules.

Value Members

  1. object GuiceApplicationLoader

  2. object GuiceKey

    Conversion from Play BindingKey to Guice Key.

  3. object GuiceableModule extends GuiceableModuleConversions

    Loading and converting Guice modules.