Package play.http

Class DefaultActionCreator

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    public class DefaultActionCreator
    extends Object
    implements ActionCreator
    A default implementation of the action creator.

    To create a custom action creator, extend this class or implement the ActionCreator interface directly.

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      • DefaultActionCreator

        public DefaultActionCreator()
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      • createAction

        public Action createAction​(Http.Request request,
                                   Method actionMethod)
        Description copied from interface: ActionCreator
        Call to create the root Action for a Java controller method call.

        The request and actionMethod values are passed for information. Implementations of this method should create an instance of Action that invokes the injected action delegate.

        Specified by:
        createAction in interface ActionCreator
        request - The HTTP Request
        actionMethod - The action method containing the user code for this Action.
        The default implementation returns a raw Action calling the method.