Package play.libs

Class AnnotationUtils

  • public class AnnotationUtils
    extends Object
    Annotation utilities.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AnnotationUtils

        public AnnotationUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • unwrapContainerAnnotations

        public static <A extends AnnotationAnnotation[] unwrapContainerAnnotations​(A[] annotations)
        Returns a new array whose entries do not contain container annotations anymore but the indirectly present annotation(s) a container annotation was wrapping instead. An annotation is considered a container annotation if its indirectly present annotation(s) are annotated with Repeatable. Annotations inside the given array which don't meet the above definition of a container annotations will be returned untouched.
        annotations - An array of annotations to unwrap. Can contain both container and non container annotations.
        A new array without container annotations but the container annotations' indirectly defined annotations.
      • getIndirectlyPresentAnnotations

        public static <A extends AnnotationList<Annotation> getIndirectlyPresentAnnotations​(A maybeContainerAnnotation)
        If the return type of an existing value() method of the passed annotation is an Annotation[] array and the annotations inside that Annotation[] array are annotated with the Repeatable annotation the annotations of that array will be returned. If the passed annotation does not have a value() method or the above criteria are not met an empty list will be returned instead.
        maybeContainerAnnotation - The annotation which value() method will be checked for other annotations
        The annotations defined by the value() method or an empty list.