package functional

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Type Members

  1. trait Alternative[M[_]] extends AnyRef
  2. class AlternativeOps[M[_], A] extends AnyRef
  3. trait Applicative[M[_]] extends DeprecatedApplicative[M]
  4. class ApplicativeOps[M[_], A] extends AnyRef
  5. trait ContravariantFunctor[M[_]] extends Variant[M]
  6. case class ContravariantFunctorExtractor[M[_]](ContraVariantFunctor: ContravariantFunctor[M]) extends VariantExtractor[M] with Product with Serializable
  7. class ContravariantFunctorOps[M[_], A] extends AnyRef
  8. sealed trait DeprecatedApplicative[M[_]] extends AnyRef
  9. class FunctionalBuilder[M[_]] extends AnyRef
  10. class FunctionalBuilderOps[M[_], A] extends AnyRef
  11. trait FunctionalCanBuild[M[_]] extends AnyRef
  12. trait Functor[M[_]] extends Variant[M]
  13. case class FunctorExtractor[M[_]](functor: Functor[M]) extends VariantExtractor[M] with Product with Serializable
  14. class FunctorOps[M[_], A] extends AnyRef
  15. trait InvariantFunctor[M[_]] extends Variant[M]
  16. case class InvariantFunctorExtractor[M[_]](InvariantFunctor: InvariantFunctor[M]) extends VariantExtractor[M] with Product with Serializable
  17. class InvariantFunctorOps[M[_], A] extends AnyRef
  18. trait Monoid[A] extends AnyRef
  19. class MonoidOps[A] extends AnyRef
  20. trait Reducer[A, B] extends AnyRef
  21. sealed trait Variant[M[_]] extends AnyRef
  22. sealed trait VariantExtractor[M[_]] extends AnyRef
  23. case class ~[A, B](_1: A, _2: B) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Applicative
  2. object FunctionalCanBuild
  3. object Functor
  4. object Monoid
  5. object Reducer
  6. object VariantExtractor