Package play.http

Class JsonHttpErrorHandler

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    public class JsonHttpErrorHandler
    extends Object
    implements HttpErrorHandler
    An alternative default HTTP error handler which will render errors as JSON messages instead of HTML pages.

    In Dev mode, exceptions thrown by the server code will be rendered in JSON messages. In Prod mode, they will not be rendered.

    You could override how exceptions are rendered in Dev mode by extending this class and overriding the [[formatDevServerErrorException]] method.

    • Constructor Detail

      • JsonHttpErrorHandler

        public JsonHttpErrorHandler​(Environment environment,
                                    play.api.OptionalSourceMapper sourceMapper)
    • Method Detail

      • onClientError

        public CompletionStage<Result> onClientError​(Http.RequestHeader request,
                                                     int statusCode,
                                                     String message)
        Description copied from interface: HttpErrorHandler
        Invoked when a client error occurs, that is, an error in the 4xx series.
        Specified by:
        onClientError in interface HttpErrorHandler
        request - The request that caused the client error.
        statusCode - The error status code. Must be greater or equal to 400, and less than 500.
        message - The error message.
        a CompletionStage with the Result.
      • fatalErrorJson

        protected com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode fatalErrorJson​(Http.RequestHeader request,
                                                                         Throwable exception)
        Invoked when handling a server error with this error handler failed.

        As a last resort this method allows you to return a (simple) error message that will be send along with a "500 Internal Server Error" response. It's highly recommended to just return a simple JsonNode, without doing any fancy processing inside the method (like accessing files,...) that could throw exceptions. This is your last chance to send a meaningful error message when everything else failed.

        request - The request that triggered the server error.
        exception - The server error.
        An error JSON which will be send as last resort in case handling a server error with this error handler failed.
      • throwableToUsefulException

        protected final play.api.UsefulException throwableToUsefulException​(Throwable throwable)
        Convert the given exception to an exception that Play can report more information about.

        This will generate an id for the exception, and in dev mode, will load the source code for the code that threw the exception, making it possible to report on the location that the exception was thrown from.

      • logServerError

        protected void logServerError​(Http.RequestHeader request,
                                      play.api.UsefulException usefulException)
        Responsible for logging server errors.

        The base implementation uses a SLF4J logger. If a special annotation is desired for internal server errors, you may want to use SLF4J directly with the Marker API to distinguish server errors from application errors.

        This can also be overridden to add additional logging information, eg. the id of the authenticated user.

        request - The request that triggered the server error.
        usefulException - The server error.
      • devServerError

        protected com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode devServerError​(Http.RequestHeader request,
                                                                         play.api.UsefulException exception)
        Invoked in dev mode when a server error occurs.
        request - The request that triggered the error.
        exception - The exception.
      • formatDevServerErrorException

        protected com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode formatDevServerErrorException​(Throwable exception)
        Format a Throwable as a JSON value.

        Override this method if you want to change how exceptions are rendered in Dev mode.

        exception - an exception
        a JSON representation of the passed exception
      • prodServerError

        protected com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode prodServerError​(Http.RequestHeader request,
                                                                          play.api.UsefulException exception)
        Invoked in prod mode when a server error occurs.

        Override this rather than onServerError(RequestHeader, Throwable) if you don't want to change Play's debug output when logging errors in dev mode.

        request - The request that triggered the error.
        exception - The exception.