Interface CaffeineCacheComponents

  • All Superinterfaces:
    ConfigurationComponents, PekkoComponents

    public interface CaffeineCacheComponents
    extends ConfigurationComponents, PekkoComponents
    Caffeine Cache Java Components for compile time injection.


     public class MyComponents extends BuiltInComponentsFromContext implements CaffeineCacheComponents {
       public MyComponents(ApplicationLoader.Context context) {
       // A service class that depends on cache APIs
       public CachedService someService() {
           // defaultCacheApi is provided by CaffeineCacheComponents
           return new CachedService(defaultCacheApi());
       // Another service that depends on a specific named cache
       public AnotherService someService() {
           // cacheApi provided by CaffeineCacheComponents and
           // "anotherService" is the name of the cache.
           return new CachedService(cacheApi("anotherService"));
       // other methods