Package play.inject

Class DelegateApplicationLifecycle

    • Constructor Detail

      • DelegateApplicationLifecycle

        public DelegateApplicationLifecycle​(play.api.inject.ApplicationLifecycle delegate)
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      • addStopHook

        public void addStopHook​(Callable<? extends CompletionStage<?>> hook)
        Description copied from interface: ApplicationLifecycle
        Add a stop hook to be called when the application stops.

        The stop hook should redeem the returned future when it is finished shutting down. It is acceptable to stop immediately and return a successful future.

        Specified by:
        addStopHook in interface ApplicationLifecycle
        hook - the stop hook.
      • asScala

        public play.api.inject.ApplicationLifecycle asScala()
        Specified by:
        asScala in interface ApplicationLifecycle
        The Scala version for this Application Lifecycle.