package debug

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Type Members

  1. trait ClassFinder extends AnyRef

    Loads a set of classes from a package (including ones which are NOT already in the classloader) and return the set that

  2. class DebugConfiguration extends AnyRef

  3. abstract class FixLoggingAction extends PrivilegedExceptionAction[Unit] with MonkeyPatcher with ClassFinder

    A privileged action that will find relevant classes containing static final fields of type T and replace them with the object referenced by {{newDebug}}, and switch out the "args" field value with the value defined in {{newOptions}}.

Value Members

  1. object FixCertpathDebugLogging

    This singleton object turns on "certpath" debug logging (originally based off the "java.

  2. object FixInternalDebugLogging

    This fixes logging for the SSL Debug class.