package ning

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Type Members

  1. class NingAsyncHttpClientConfigBuilder extends AnyRef

    Builds a valid AsyncHttpClientConfig object from config.

  2. class NingWSAPI extends WSAPI

  3. case class NingWSClient(config: AsyncHttpClientConfig) extends WSClient with Product with Serializable

    A WS client backed by a Ning AsyncHttpClient.

    A WS client backed by a Ning AsyncHttpClient.

    If you need to debug Ning, set in your application.conf file.


    a client configuration object

  4. case class NingWSClientConfig(wsClientConfig: WSClientConfig = WSClientConfig(), allowPoolingConnection: Boolean = true, allowSslConnectionPool: Boolean = true, ioThreadMultiplier: Int = 2, maxConnectionsPerHost: Int = 1, maxConnectionsTotal: Int = 1, maxConnectionLifetime: Duration = Duration.Inf, idleConnectionInPoolTimeout: Duration = 1.minute, webSocketIdleTimeout: Duration = 15.minutes, maxNumberOfRedirects: Int = 5, maxRequestRetry: Int = 5, disableUrlEncoding: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

    Ning client config.

    Ning client config.


    The general WS client config.


    Whether connection pooling should be allowed.


    Whether connection pooling should be allowed for SSL connections.


    The multiplier to use for the number of IO threads.


    The maximum number of connections to make per host. -1 means no maximum.


    The maximum total number of connections. -1 means no maximum.


    The maximum time that a connection should live for in the pool.


    The time after which a connection that has been idle in the pool should be closed.


    The time after which a websocket connection should be closed.


    The maximum number of redirects.


    The maximum number of times to retry a request if it fails.


    Whether the raw URL should be used.

  5. class NingWSClientConfigParser extends Provider[NingWSClientConfig]

    This class creates a DefaultWSClientConfig object from the play.api.Configuration.

    This class creates a DefaultWSClientConfig object from the play.api.Configuration.

  6. trait NingWSComponents extends AnyRef

    Ning WS API implementation components.

  7. class NingWSModule extends Module

  8. case class NingWSRequest(client: NingWSClient, url: String, method: String, body: WSBody, headers: Map[String, Seq[String]], queryString: Map[String, Seq[String]], calc: Option[WSSignatureCalculator], auth: Option[(String, String, WSAuthScheme)], followRedirects: Option[Boolean], requestTimeout: Option[Int], virtualHost: Option[String], proxyServer: Option[WSProxyServer], disableUrlEncoding: Option[Boolean]) extends WSRequest with Product with Serializable

    A Ning WS Request.

  9. case class NingWSResponse(ahcResponse: Response) extends WSResponse with Product with Serializable

    A WS HTTP response.

  10. class WSClientProvider extends Provider[WSClient]

Value Members

  1. object NingWSClient extends Serializable

  2. object NingWSClientConfigFactory

    Factory for creating NingWSClientConfig, for use from Java.