Community contributed extensions

PlayErrors module

This module gathers and informs you about the errors in your production webapps, so you can fix them before your visitors get a chance to complain

Read more on the website at

Installation instructions

Step 1: register your application

Create an account on and register your project.

Step 2: edit dependencies.yml

Add the following code, merging with existing code where applicable:

    - play -> playerrors 0.2

Step 3: play deps


play deps

in your project folder to install the new dependencies. Follow with

play eclipsify

if necessary.

Step 4: edit application.conf

Add the following line to conf/application.conf:

%prod.playerrors.apiKey = your_api_key_here

Remove “%prod.” from the line if you wish to test in development mode.

Step 5: have a beer

Let’s face it, you deserve one!