Outreachy - Round 10

Typesafe and Play Framework are proud to be participating in Outreachy, a program to help groups that are underrepresented in free and open source software get involved. For detailed information about Outreachy, including how to apply, see the main program page.

This is the landing page for Outreachy Play Framework projects.

Applications for Round 10 Play Framework projects close on the 7th of April.

Getting started

The best way to get started is to read Play's Get Involved page. From there you can find information about the project issue tracker and mailing lists, links to instructions for building Play from source.

The best place to talk about Play development is on the Play development mailing list. Discussion about Outreachy Play projects itself can be had in the Play Outreachy Gitter channel, where Play Outreachy mentors can be found (though note that the Play team is very geographically distributed, including developers in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, so don't expect to get immediate responses from any particular person.


Typesafe is sponsoring one intern for Play Framework in Outreachy in Round 10.

Dream REST development in Play

Mentor: James Roper

While Play makes it very simple to write REST APIs, there are a number of features and improvements that can be added to Play so that out of the box, REST API development in Play Framework is a dream.

This project consists of a number of small development tasks, as well as some not so small development tasks, plus tutorial style documentation to make the developer experience for writing REST APIs in Play even smoother than it already is.

The project will start with the small tasks, allowing the intern to get comfortable working in the Play codebase, and work up to bigger tasks. The exact scope depends on how much the intern is able to get done and what they choose to prioritise, but even with the smaller tasks, the intern will have made a valuable contribution to Play Framework.

Tasks include: