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Typesafe Activator 1.1.1 (Open Source)

Includes Play 2.2.2 & Templates 263M

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What is Typesafe Activator?

Typesafe Activator gets you started with the Typesafe Reactive Platform, including Play Framework, Akka and Scala. It is a hub for developers that want to build reactive applications, providing an in-browser or command-line environment for creating new applications.

The fastest way to get started with Play

Getting started is a snap! After downloading, extracting and running Activator, the wizard-based interface guides you to select a template to start from. Each template includes an in-context tutorial with a code overview.

Popular templates with tutorials:

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Run Typesafe Activator

Download Typesafe Activator, and unzip the file

Download Activator 1.1.1 (263M)

Extract the downloaded zip file to your system.

Start Typesafe Activator's UI

In your File Explorer, navigate into the directory that Typesafe Activator was extracted to, right-click on the file named activator.bat, then select "Open", and if prompted with a warning, click to continue.

Or from a command line:

 C:\Users\typesafe\activator-1.1.1> activator ui 
This will start Typesafe Activator and open your browser to the Activator UI.

Create a new application

Choose from dozens of template applications to get started with.

Once the application is created you can explore the code, run the tests, and run the application. Each template includes a tutorial that will walk you through the individual pieces of the application and how it works.

Learn more

Read the Activator Docs to learn about using Activator from the command line and learn more about using Activator's other features.

Classic Distribution

Play Framework 2.2.2 Zip Mar 1 2014

Classic Samples & Command Line 107.7M

Get started with the Traditional Zip

The Traditional Play Zip provides a play command to create new applications, run tests, and run the application. Check out the Play docs for Installation instructions.

Try it live in the cloud

CloudBees includes first-class support for running Play applications in the Cloud.

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Previews of releases in the pipeline. Apr 10 2014 107.7M

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