Download Play (unknown)

including Activator (unknown)

1MB - Windows, Mac and Linux - JDK6+

The former 'play' command has been replaced by a more general 'activator' command. Read the announcement.

Play with Activator

Install and run Play projects with Activator

Play from the command line

Add activator your PATH to have the command available in your cli.

Create a new project from the command line:

activator new

Run an existing project from its directory:

activator run

Enter the interactive cli (in project directory):


Activator’s ui and tutorials

Learn. Compile. Test. Run.

Activator comes with a ui for learning Play. Launch the ui by double clicking the activator executable or using the following command in your terminal:

activator ui

A webpage will open in your browser, then follow the instructions to choose and open a tutorial.

Read more about Activator Tutorials for Play.

More about Activator

Typesafe Activator gets you started with Play and the Typesafe Reactive Platform. It is a hub for developers that want to build reactive applications, providing both a command line and an in browser environment for creating new applications.

Getting started is a snap, please refer to the following instructions or the complete Getting Started page, including an introduction video.

Alternative downloads

The Traditional Play Zip provides a play command to create new applications, run tests, and run the application. Check out the Play docs for Installation instructions.

Development versions

Previews of releases in the pipeline. Jun 26 2014 76.7M

Previous releases


Play 2.3.1 (activator) Jun 25 2014
Play 2.3.0 (activator) May 30 2014
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2.2 Jul 21 2014 107.7M May 1 2014 107.7M Mar 1 2014 107.7M Oct 31 2013 104.8M Sep 20 2013 105.5M
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2.1 Sep 20 2013 145.2M Sep 11 2013 145.2M Aug 06 2013 145.2M Jul 05 2013 145.5M Apr 03 2013 145.2M Feb 06 2013 144.3M
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2.0 Sep 20 2013 96.6M Sep 11 2013 96.6M Aug 06 2013 96.6M Aug 01 2013 96.6M Oct 01 2012 96.6M Aug 03 2012 92.1M Jun 26 2012 92.9M May 02 2012 90.1M Mar 13 2012 89.4M
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1.2 Sep 23 2013 61.8M Aug 29 2013 61.7M Aug 29 2013 61.7M Aug 06 2013 61.7M Aug 06 2013 61.7M Jul 03 2012 61.7M Dec 02 2011 58.1M Aug 24 2011 58.2M Jul 05 2011 57.6M May 02 2011 55.7M Apr 13 2011 55.7M
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1.1 Aug 06 2013 49.1M Aug 23 2011 48.3M Jan 25 2011 48.3M Nov 01 2010 48.1M
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1.0 Aug 06 2013 32.9M Aug 23 2011 32.8M Jul 28 2010 32.9M Jul 15 2010 32.8M Jun 16 2010 32.8M Apr 16 2010 32.8M Apr 06 2010 32.8M Jan 17 2010 44.6M Oct 19 2009 41.5M
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Try it live in the cloud

CloudBees includes first-class support for running Play applications in the Cloud.

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Launch on CloudBees

Play as a dependency

You can find instructions on how to create a Play application with sbt in the last section of the creating a new application page.

Build from source

The source code is hosted on Github, you can follow the instructions on the Build from the sources page.