Annotation Type Phone

public @interface Phone

This field contain a phone number This validation is relaxed and is intended to enforce a basic phone pattern. Please implement your own @Match for country specific +CCC (SSSSSS)9999999999xEEEE + optional country code mark CCC the optional country code, up to 3 digits SSSSSS the optional sub-zone, up to 6 digits 9999999999 the actual number, up to 20 digits (which should cover all know cases current and future) x an optional extension, which can also be spelled "ext" or "extension" EEEE finally an optional extension space, -, . and / are all considered delimiters and can be used anywhere in the number i.e. US: (305) 613 09 58 ext 101 France: +33 1 47 37 62 24 x3 Germany: +49-4312 / 777 777 China: +86 (10)69445464 UK: (020) 1234 1234 Message key: $1: field name

Optional Element Summary
 java.lang.String message


public abstract java.lang.String message

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