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Packages that use F.Option

Uses of F.Option in play.libs

Subclasses of F.Option in play.libs
static class F.None<T>
static class F.Some<T>

Fields in play.libs declared as F.Option
 F.Option<A> F.Either._1
 F.Option<A> F.E3._1
 F.Option<A> F.E4._1
 F.Option<A> F.E5._1
 F.Option<B> F.Either._2
 F.Option<B> F.E3._2
 F.Option<B> F.E4._2
 F.Option<B> F.E5._2
 F.Option<C> F.E3._3
 F.Option<C> F.E4._3
 F.Option<C> F.E5._3
 F.Option<D> F.E4._4
 F.Option<D> F.E5._4
 F.Option<E> F.E5._5

Methods in play.libs that return F.Option
 F.Option<R> F.Matcher.match(F.Option<T> o)
abstract  F.Option<R> F.Matcher.match(T o)

Methods in play.libs with parameters of type F.Option
 F.Option<R> F.Matcher.match(F.Option<T> o)

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