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 Images.Captcha Images.Captcha.addNoise()
          Add noise to the captcha.
 Images.Captcha Images.Captcha.addNoise(java.lang.String color)
          Add noise to the captcha.
static Images.Captcha Images.captcha()
          Create a 150x150 captcha image
static Images.Captcha Images.captcha(int width, int height)
          Create a captche image
 Images.Captcha Images.Captcha.setBackground(java.lang.String color)
          Set a solid background.
 Images.Captcha Images.Captcha.setBackground(java.lang.String from, java.lang.String to)
          Set a gradient background.
 Images.Captcha Images.Captcha.setSquigglesBackground()
          Set a squiggles background

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