Package play.mvc

Class Summary
ActionInvoker Invoke an action after an HTTP request.
Controller Application controller support: The controller receives input and initiates a response by making calls on model objects.
Http HTTP interface
Http.Cookie An HTTP Cookie
Http.Header An HTTP Header
Http.Inbound A Websocket Inbound channel
Http.Outbound A Websocket Outbound channel
Http.Request An HTTP Request
Http.Response An HTTP response
Http.WebSocketFrame A Websocket frame
Mailer Application mailer support
Router The router matches HTTP requests to action invocations
Scope All application Scopes
Scope.Flash Flash scope
Scope.Params HTTP params
Scope.RenderArgs Render args (used in template rendering)
Scope.RouteArgs Routes args (used in reserve routing)
Scope.Session Session scope

Annotation Types Summary
After Mark this method as @After interceptor
Before Mark this method as @Before interceptor
Catch Mark this method as @Catch interceptor
Finally Mark this method as @Finally interceptor
Util Mark this method as simple utility method (not an action) that can't be automatically invoked by the router.
With Deleguate interceptors.

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