package iteratee

The Iteratee monad provides strict, safe, and functional I/O.

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Type Members

  1. trait Enumeratee[From, To] extends AnyRef

    Combines the roles of an Iteratee[From] and a Enumerator[To].

  2. trait Enumerator[E] extends AnyRef

    A producer which pushes input to an play.api.libs.iteratee.Iteratee.

  3. sealed trait Input[+E] extends AnyRef

    Input that can be consumed by an iteratee

  4. trait Iteratee[E, +A] extends AnyRef

    An Iteratee consumes a stream of elements of type E, producing a result of type A.

  5. class IterateeExeption extends Exception

    An Exception that represents an Iteratee that ended up in an Error state with the given error message.

  6. type K[E, A] = (Input[E]) ⇒ Iteratee[E, A]

  7. sealed trait Step[E, +A] extends AnyRef

    Represents the state of an iteratee.

Value Members

  1. object Concurrent

    Utilities for concurrent usage of iteratees, enumerators and enumeratees.

  2. object Cont

  3. object Done

  4. object Enumeratee

  5. object Enumerator

    Enumerator is the source that pushes input into a given iteratee.

  6. object Error

  7. object Execution

    Contains the default ExecutionContext used by Iteratees.

  8. object Input

  9. object Iteratee

    Various helper methods to construct, compose and traverse Iteratees.

  10. object Parsing

  11. object Step

  12. object Traversable

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