Class ClientCookieDecoder

  • public final class ClientCookieDecoder
    extends Object
    A RFC6265 compliant cookie decoder to be used client side.

    It will store the way the raw value was wrapped in Cookie.setWrap(boolean) so it can be eventually sent back to the Origin server as is.

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    • Field Detail

      • STRICT

        public static final ClientCookieDecoder STRICT
        Strict encoder that validates that name and value chars are in the valid scope defined in RFC6265
      • LAX

        public static final ClientCookieDecoder LAX
        Lax instance that doesn't validate name and value
    • Method Detail

      • decode

        public Cookie decode​(String header)
        Decodes the specified Set-Cookie HTTP header value into a Cookie.
        header - the Set-Cookie header.
        the decoded Cookie
      • initCookie

        protected DefaultCookie initCookie​(String header,
                                           int nameBegin,
                                           int nameEnd,
                                           int valueBegin,
                                           int valueEnd)