Class GuiceApplicationLoader

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    public class GuiceApplicationLoader
    extends Object
    implements ApplicationLoader
    An ApplicationLoader that uses Guice to bootstrap the application.

    Subclasses can override the builder and overrides methods.

    • Field Detail

      • initialBuilder

        protected final GuiceApplicationBuilder initialBuilder
        The initial builder to start construction from.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GuiceApplicationLoader

        public GuiceApplicationLoader()
    • Method Detail

      • overrides

        protected play.api.inject.guice.GuiceableModule[] overrides​(ApplicationLoader.Context context)
        Identify some bindings that should be used as overrides when loading an application using this context. The default implementation of this method provides bindings that most applications should include.
        context - the context that should be searched for overrides
        the bindings that should be used to override