package libs

Contains various APIs that are useful while developing web applications.

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Type Members

  1. case class Jsonp(padding: String, json: JsValue) extends Product with Serializable

    JSONP helper.

Value Members

  1. object Codecs

    Utilities for Codecs operations.

  2. object Collections

    Utilities functions for Collections

  3. object Comet

    Helper function to produce a Comet Enumeratee.

  4. object Crypto

    Cryptographic utilities.

  5. object EventSource

  6. object Files

    FileSystem utilities.

  7. object JNDI

    JNDI Helpers.

  8. object Jsonp extends Serializable

  9. object MimeTypes

    MIME type utilities.

  10. package concurrent

  11. package functional

  12. package iteratee

    The Iteratee monad provides strict, safe, and functional I/O.

  13. package json

    Json API For example:

  14. package oauth

    OAuth integration helpers.

  15. package openid

  16. package ws

    Asynchronous API to to query web services, as an http client.

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