package j

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Type Members

  1. class EitherToFEither[A, B] extends Function[Either[A, B], Either[A, B]]

  2. class HttpExecutionContext extends ExecutionContextExecutor

    Manages execution to ensure that the given context ClassLoader and Http.

  3. trait JavaAction extends Action[RequestBody] with JavaHelpers

  4. class JavaActionAnnotations extends AnyRef

    Retains and evaluates what is otherwise expensive reflection work on call by call basis.

  5. class JavaGlobalSettingsAdapter extends api.GlobalSettings

    Adapter that holds the Java GlobalSettings and acts as a Scala GlobalSettings for the framework.

  6. trait JavaHelpers extends AnyRef

    provides helper methods that manage java to scala Result and scala to java Context creation

  7. class OrderedExecutionContext extends ExecutionContext

    Executes work in a fixed-sized pool of actors.

Value Members

  1. object HttpExecutionContext

  2. object JavaHelpers extends JavaHelpers

  3. object JavaModeConverter

    Converter for Java Mode enum from Scala Mode

  4. object JavaParsers extends BodyParsers

    provides Java centric BodyParsers

  5. object JavaResultExtractor

  6. object JavaResults extends Results with DefaultWriteables with DefaultContentTypeOfs

    Java compatible Results

  7. object JavaWebSocket extends JavaHelpers

    handles a scala websocket in a Java Context

  8. object OrderedExecutionContext

  9. object PlayMagicForJava

    Defines a magic helper for Play templates in a Java context.