package core

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Type Members

  1. trait ApplicationProvider extends AnyRef

    Provides information about a Play Application running inside a Play server.

  2. trait DevSettings extends AnyRef

  3. case class DynamicPart(name: String, constraint: String, encodeable: Boolean) extends PathPart with Product with Serializable

  4. trait HandleWebCommandSupport extends AnyRef

  5. case class NamedThreadFactory(name: String) extends ThreadFactory with Product with Serializable

    Thread factory that creates threads that are named.

  6. class ObjectMapperPlugin extends api.Plugin

    Plugin that injects an object mapper to the JSON library on start and on stop.

  7. trait PathPart extends AnyRef

  8. case class PathPattern(parts: Seq[PathPart]) extends Product with Serializable

  9. class ReloadableApplication extends ApplicationProvider

    Represents an application that can be reloaded in Dev Mode.

  10. trait SourceMapper extends AnyRef

    provides source code to be displayed on error pages

  11. class StaticApplication extends ApplicationProvider

    creates and initializes an Application

  12. case class StaticPart(value: String) extends PathPart with Product with Serializable

  13. class TestApplication extends ApplicationProvider

    wraps and starts a fake application (used in tests)

Value Members

  1. object PlayVersion

  2. object Router

    provides Play's router implementation

  3. package actions

  4. package j

  5. package parsers

  6. package server

  7. package system

  8. package utils