Community contributed extensions

capistrano [capistrano] module

This module is for the Play 1.x series only.

Here is a draft module to deploy a remote play app using Capistrano + SSH + VCS and run it in nohup/background mode.
I’m complete noob in Ruby so this is for people who don’t want to write ruby as me yet having a few basic functions around play and this great Capistrano tool.
But this is also for those who know ruby and want to customize cap configuration.

Written by Pascal Voitot.

Published releases

1.0.1 Nov 19 2011 Documentation Try Play
1.0.0 Oct 03 2011 Documentation Try Play

To install locally this module use the install command:

play install capistrano-{version}

To add this module as dependency of your application, add it to the dependencies.yml file:

        - play -> capistrano {version}