Community contributed extensions

Dotcloud [dotcloud] module

This module is for the Play 1.x series only.


This module helps you deploy your Play! application to dotcloud.


First, install the module from the Play! module repository like so:

play install dotcloud

Prepare your Play! application

Tell Play! that you want your application to use the dotcloud module by adding it to your conf/dependencies.yml file. It might look like this:

 - play
  - play -> dotcloud 0.3

Now run play dependencies to install the module into your application. Then, create a dotcloud.yml file in your application’s conf directory. The file might look like this:

  type: java
 type: mysql

Push to dotcloud


play dotcloud:deploy

to push the current version of your application to dotcloud.

For more information, consult the documentation in this module's GitHub repository.

Written by Leif Singer.

Published releases

0.3 Apr 10 2012 Documentation Try Play
0.2 Aug 01 2011 Documentation Try Play
0.1 May 06 2011 Documentation Try Play

To install locally this module use the install command:

play install dotcloud-{version}

To add this module as dependency of your application, add it to the dependencies.yml file:

        - play -> dotcloud {version}