Community contributed extensions

Feature Flags [featureflags] module

This module is for the Play 1.x series only.

play-featureflags is a module for playframework that enables you to easily use ‘feature flags’ in your application. A feature flag is any piece of functionality in your application that you want to be able to switch ON and OFF at runtime, using an admin screen.
With this module, you can define feature flags by name, using a simple annotation on your controllers and/or a tag in your views.

This simple technique allows you to never have to branch your code again! You can safely deploy your HEAD multiple times a day to all of your environments for development, testing, production, whatever. Just use a different set of enabled features.
Feature flags are what Flickr uses to be able to do 10+ deployments to production per day. See for more info.

Written by Ben Verbeken.

Published releases

head Mar 31 2011 Documentation Try Play
0.1 Mar 30 2011 Documentation Try Play

To install locally this module use the install command:

play install featureflags-{version}

To add this module as dependency of your application, add it to the dependencies.yml file:

        - play -> featureflags {version}