Community contributed extensions

Log4Play [log4play] module

This module is for the Play 1.x series only.

Log4Play is a module that provides a log4j appender which publishes log entries to an EventStream. The module also provides an user interface which uses a WebSocket to create a live stream of log messages. You can use this user interface to look at the logs of your application without needing to login to the actual box.

Log4Play integrates with BetterLogs by Stephane Godbillon. Special thanks to Diogenes Buarque and Marc Deschamps.

Add configuration ‘log4play.disabled=true’ to turn off Log4Play.

Written by Felipe Oliveira and Deepthi Rallabandi.

Published releases

0.5 Aug 16 2011 Documentation Try Play
0.4 Jun 23 2011 Documentation Try Play
0.3 May 17 2011 Documentation Try Play
0.0.2 May 17 2011 Documentation Try Play
0.0.1 May 17 2011 Documentation Try Play

To install locally this module use the install command:

play install log4play-{version}

To add this module as dependency of your application, add it to the dependencies.yml file:

        - play -> log4play {version}