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Create customize ID field

By default the application developer is NOT required to coding for the @Id field". However there are some situation that we want to create our own ID field. E.g. I want all my users be indexed by facebook ID. Let’s take a look at the code first:

@Entity public class User extends Model {
    @Id public String fbId;
    public Object getId() {
        return fbId;
    protected void setId_(Object id) {
        fbId = processId_(id);
    protected static Object processId_(Object id) {
        return id.toString();

So the above code shows what you need to do to create a customized ID field model:

  1. Declare your ID field. You can use any name and any type for this field but it must be annotated with
  2. Override Model.getId() method which returns the ID field you declared
  3. Override Model.setId(Object) method which set the processed ID object to the ID field you declared
  4. create Model.processId_(Object) static method which convert the object to the type of your ID field


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