You are viewing the documentation for Play 1. The documentation for Play 2 is here.

Play 1.2.4 — Release notes

You can read about the bugs fixed in Play 1.2.4 on the road map page. This page highlights the most important changes.

Support for Java 7

Play now supports Java 7 out-of-the-box, so you can write the following code without any problems.

Map<String, List<String>> map = new HashMap<>();
String version = "1.2.4";
switch(version) {
	 case "1.2.4":
	  case "1.2.3":
	  case "1.2.2":

New binder implementation

The new binder implementation is more flexible and allows easy mapping from jQuery to Play. It is also possible to map more complex objects using this new implementation.

Latest WebSocket support

Play now supports the latest draft WebSocket specification, namely hybi-00 to hybi-10. Please refer to the WebSocket specification for more information.

Support for composite IDs

Fixtures now supports Composite IDs. The following annotations are also supported on your model and directly from the fixtures: @IdClass, @EmbeddedId. Please refer to the Hibernate documentation for more information.

Better IntelliJ support

The play idealize command now creates a complete IntelliJ project. You can directly open your Play project from IntelliJ.

Other improvements

There are also a number of small improvements, as well as 86 fixed bugs.