You are viewing the documentation for the 2.0.x release series. The latest stable release series is 3.0.x.

§Play 2.0 Modules

This is a temporary location for listing modules, until there will be a location to register them on the Play website.

Blog posts describing the process of writing a module can be found on and

§Authentication and Authorization module (Scala)

§Authenticity Token module

§Deadbolt 2 Plugin

§Dust Plugin

§Groovy Templates plugin

§Groovy Templates plugin - gt-engine-play2

§Guice Plugin (Java and Scala)

§HTML5 Tags module

§Japid module

§Manual Dependency Injection Plugin (Java and Scala)

§MongoDB Jackson Mapper Plugin (Java)

§MongoDB Salat, Casbah Plugin (Scala)

§Play Mini (Java and Scala)

§Redis Plugin (Java and Scala)

§Emailer Plugin (Java and Scala)

§Roy Compiled Asset Plugin (Ray)

§Snapshot Plugin (Java and Scala)

§Statsd Plugin (Java and Scala)

§Typesafe util Plugin (Scala)

§Typesafe SbtGoodies Plugin

§WAR Plugin

§XForward module

§Spring Module


§Memcached Plugin

§Stylus Plugin

§ScalikeJDBC Plugin (Scala)

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