You are viewing the documentation for the 2.8.19 release in the 2.8.x series of releases. The latest stable release series is 3.0.x.

§Learning from Play Examples

Lightbend Tech Hub offers downloadable Play examples for Java and Scala. Play has many features, so rather than pack them all into one project, we’ve organized many examples that each showcase a Play feature or demonstrate a common use case. The zip files include everything you need to build and run the examples, including a distribution of the sbt and Gradle. Refer to the file in the top-level project directory to learn more about the example.

Note: the example projects are not configured for out of the box security.

If you are new to Play, we recommend following the Hello World tutorial for Java or Scala first:

  1. Play Java Hello World
  2. Play Scala Hello World

Note: When you run the tutorial application, it displays web pages with the same content and instructions contained in this documentation. The tutorial includes a deliberate mistake and having the the documentation and application pages open in different tabs or browsers allows you to consult the documentation for the fix when you encounter the error.

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