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BrowserID module for the play framework

What is BrowserID ?

BrowserID is an experimental new way of signing into websites. The goal with BrowserID is to design something safe and easy for users and the developers.

Yet another authentication mechanism ! Please read further...

How is BrowserID better than other authentication mechanisms ?

Well, probably not the right place to discuss this, but...

What does the module provide ?


3 minutes, success guarantied... follow these steps:

1. Add a module dependency

Edit your application dependency file conf/dependency.yml, add the following reference:

    - play -> browserid {version}

Then run from your application’s root folder

$ play dependencies . 

This will download and setup the module in your application.

2. Configure the module

Edit conf/application.conf and add the following properties at the end of the file:

  1. The audience is used by BrowserID to identify the requesting party.
  2. Set to localhost:9000 for this demo but should be changed for your particular site
  3. This is typically the host making the request to the BrowserID servers. So if you run behind a proxy, please provide the proxy url


  1. Where to redirect upon a logout, but default the application root, but could point to any URL


  1. BrowserID recommends that during the authentication process, SSL shall be used between the page and the browserid module
  2. It is off for the purpose of this demonstration, if turned on – you need to ensure https://<yourhost>/login is accessible


3. Configure HTTP Routes

Edit your application’s conf/route file, at the top, first line, add:

*       /               module:browserid

This tells Play to merge all routes from the browserid module. The following routes should automatically be imported /login /logout /authenticate

4. Configure Authentication

Add @With(BrowserIDSecure.class) to any controller that needs protection.

package controllers;

import play.mvc.Controller;
import play.mvc.With;
import controllers.BrowserIDSecure;

public class Application extends Controller {

public static void index() { render(); }



BrowserID by the Identity Team @ Mozilla Labs

play-browserid module by Olivier Refalo


version 1.0: First release