Community contributed extensions


play--cheese ( is a “Play! framework module”
that adds some basic support for integration with the CheddarGetter subscription
management service’s API.

create a customer

To use Play--Cheese, you must first configure your service. This requires your CheddarGetter! credentials and
the product code for your service.

    Service sub = new Service("account", "password", "productCode");
Then you can create a customer by simply calling addCustomer and providing a plan code that you set up on the
CheddarGetter! admin console.

    Customer customer = sub.addCustomer(customerCode, firstName, lastName, email, planCode);
    Customer customer = sub.addCustomer(customerCode, firstName, lastName, email, planCode, creditCard);

You do not have to take in a credit card if the plan is free.

You can retrieve the customer you just created by calling getCustomer:

Customer customer = sub.getCustomer(“customerCode”);

h2. subscriptions

A customer can subscribe to one or more of your product plans:

    customer.subscribe(planCode, creditCard);
At any time, you can cancel the customer's current subscription plan.  This change takes effect IMMEDIATELY.


usage tracking To track item usage, call addItemUsage or setItemUsage on the Customer object. This is used to track how much of a limited quantity of a particular feature that a customer has used. For example, if you have a SocialMobileLocal startup that allows users 500 SpecialDealNotifications a month, you would set up a plan with an item with a limited quantity of 500, and every time the customer received a SuperDuperDealNotification, you would increment their use of that Item as follows:

    customer.addItemUsage("SuperDuperDealNotification", BigDecimal.ONE);

You can also just set the full amount as well:

    customer.setItemUsage("SuperDuperDealNotification", new BigDecimal("499"));