Community contributed extensions

Ivy support

This module lets you manage your dependencies with apache ivy

Getting Started

first you need to download and install apache ant

then you need to download ivy and copy ivy-XXX.jar to your $ANT_HOME/lib directory.

finally, you need to install the play-ivy module

play install ivy

Activate module

for existing projects, you can add the following line to your conf/application.conf:


if you start from scratch, you can create an ivy project with play new myapp --with ivy command, which will active the module and execute play ivy:init.

play-ivy specific commands

play ivy:init

creates the appropriate ivy.xml and build.xml files. After this step, you can add your dependencies to ivy.xml

play ivy:update // or play ivy:up

retrieves all defined dependencies and then it copies them into your app/lib folder

play ivy:refresh // or play ivy:re

clears your app/lib folder first, then it executes play ivy:up

play ivy:dependencies // or play ivy:dep

lists core, module and application specific jars