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Japid Engine Quick Manual, V0.3

Bing Ran<[email protected]>

Japid is a Java-based dynamic content rendering templates system that aims to deliver the fastest possible result.

It’s a generic template engine that can be used by any Java applications to render any Java objects. It also provides adapters specifically for the Play! Framework.

The main goal of Japid is for use in large and high traffic Play! bases web sites. To reach that goal, Japid transforms html based mark-up files to clean Java source code thus the rendering work can reach near raw Java speed.

The high-performance does not come at the cost of advanced features such as site-mesh like layout, tags, template inheritance, content caching, server-side include.

This document focuses on using the Japid module for the Play! Framework.


- templates are strongly typed. A template must declare the arguments it takes.
- templates are transformed to Java for best possible performance. This step takes place automatically in Play!'s DEV mode. Command line tools are provided for manual transformation. This also means the templates are debug-able like regularJava code if you’re so inclined.
- a clear Java object model for templates.
- expression language is plain Java.

For the full documentation, please visit the wiki pages of the Japid project on github