Community contributed extensions

JPAGEN module

This module allows you to import a database tables to POJO instances.

Enable the JPAGEN module for the application

In the conf/application.conf file, enable the JPAGEN module by adding this line:

# The jpagen module

or in the conf/dependencies.yaml file:
play -> jpagen [version]

Creating the conf/table_list.conf file from the database

play jpagen:create-list myapplication

Creating your domain model from the database

play jpagen:generate myapplication

This command will create the classes in the models package based on the database tables. This is useful is you have an existing database and you want to re-use this database.

List of properties you can override in conf/application.conf

Be sure to configure correctly your database access using your conf/application.conf file (db.user, db.pass, db.driver, db.url, etc...).

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