Community contributed extensions

Netty module

Warning! This version contains JBoss Netty 3.2.0 rc 1. Be sure to remove the previous version of Netty in your module directory

The netty module allows you to use JBoss Netty: as a play! server.

Version 3.2.0 rc 1 of Netty.

Enable the Netty module for the application

In the /conf/application.conf file, enable the Netty module by adding this line:

# The netty module

Starting the Play! with netty as application server

play netty:run myapplication


By default, there is no maximum upload size. But the max upload size can be configured. In your application.conf add the following line:


This line set the maximum upload size to 1048576 bytes.

A value of -1 means that there is no maximum upload size (the default).

If the limit is exceeded, then an error message is set in the error scope. You can access it with the #{error} tag:


To change the default message, use the following message key:

play.module.netty.content.length.exceeded=My error

This property is currently set in the conf/messages directory of the netty module.