Class WS

  extended by play.libs.WS

public class WS
extends java.lang.Object

Asynchronous API to to query web services, as an http client. The value returned is a Promise, and you should use Play's asynchronous mechanisms to use this response.

Nested Class Summary
static class WS.Response
          A WS response.
static class WS.WSRequest
          Provides the bridge between Play and the underlying ning request
static class WS.WSRequestHolder
          provides the User facing API for building WS request.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static WS.WSRequestHolder url(java.lang.String url)
          Prepare a new request.
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Constructor Detail


public WS()
Method Detail


public static WS.WSRequestHolder url(java.lang.String url)
Prepare a new request. You can then construct it by chaining calls.

url - the URL to request