Package play.libs

Provides various APIs that are useful for developing web applications.


Interface Summary
F.Callback<A> A Callback with a single argument.
F.Callback0 A Callback with no arguments.
F.Callback2<A,B> A Callback with 2 arguments.
F.Callback3<A,B,C> A Callback with 3 arguments.
F.Function<A,R> A Function with a single argument.
F.Function0<R> A Function with no arguments.
F.Function2<A,B,R> A Function with 2 arguments.
F.Function3<A,B,C,R> A Function with 3 arguments.

Class Summary
Akka Helper to access the application defined Akka Actor system.
Comet A Chunked stream sending Comet messages.
F Defines a set of functional programming style helpers.
F.Either<A,B> Represents a value of one of two possible types (a disjoint union)
F.None<T> Represents non-existent values.
F.Option<T> Represents optional values.
F.Some<T> Represents existing values of type T.
F.Tuple<A,B> A pair - a tuple of the types A and B.
F.Tuple3<A,B,C> A tuple of A,B,C
F.Tuple4<A,B,C,D> A tuple of A,B,C,D
F.Tuple5<A,B,C,D,E> A tuple of A,B,C,D,E
Json Helper functions to handle JsonNode values.
OpenID provides support for OpenID
Scala Class that contains useful java <-> scala conversion helpers.
Time Time utilities.
Time.CronExpression Thanks to Quartz project,
WS Asynchronous API to to query web services, as an http client.
WS.Response A WS response.
WS.WSRequest Provides the bridge between Play and the underlying ning request
WS.WSRequestHolder provides the User facing API for building WS request.
XML XML utilities.
XPath XPath for parsing
Yaml Yaml utilities.

Package play.libs Description

Provides various APIs that are useful for developing web applications.