Package play.mvc

Provides the Controller/Action/Result API for handling HTTP requests.


Interface Summary
BodyParser A body parser parses the HTTP request body content.
Content Generic type representing content to be sent over an HTTP response.
HandlerRef Reference to an Handler.
Http.Cookies HTTP Cookies set
Http.HeaderNames Defines all standard HTTP headers.
Http.Status Defines all standard HTTP status codes.
PathBindable<T> Binder for URL path parameters.
QueryStringBindable<T> Binder for query string parameters.
Result Any action result.
WebSocket.Out<A> A WebSocket out.

Class Summary
Action<T> An action acts as decorator for the action method call.
Action.Simple A simple action with no configuration.
BodyParser.AnyContent Guess the body content by checking the Content-Type header.
BodyParser.FormUrlEncoded Parse the body as form url encoded if the Content-Type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
BodyParser.Json Parse the body as Json if the Content-Type is text/json or application/json.
BodyParser.MultipartFormData Parse the body as form url encoded without checking the Content-Type.
BodyParser.Raw Store the body content in a RawBuffer.
BodyParser.Text Parse the body as text if the Content-Type is text/plain.
BodyParser.TolerantJson Parse the body as Json without checking the Content-Type.
BodyParser.TolerantText Parse the body as text without checking the Content-Type.
BodyParser.TolerantXml Parse the body as Xml without checking the Content-Type.
BodyParser.Xml Parse the body as Xml if the Content-Type is text/xml.
Call Defines a 'call', describing an HTTP request.
Controller Superclass for a Java-based controller.
Http Defines HTTP standard objects.
Http.Context The global HTTP context.
Http.Context.Implicit Import in templates to get implicit HTTP context.
Http.Cookie HTTP Cookie
Http.Flash HTTP Flash.
Http.MultipartFormData Multipart form data body.
Http.MultipartFormData.FilePart A file part.
Http.RawBuffer Handle the request body a raw bytes data.
Http.Request An HTTP request.
Http.RequestBody The request body.
Http.Response The HTTP response.
Http.Session HTTP Session.
Results Common results.
Results.AsyncResult An asynchronous result.
Results.ByteChunks Chunked result based on byte[] chunks.
Results.Chunks<A> A Chunked result.
Results.Chunks.Out<A> A Chunked stream.
Results.Redirect A redirect result.
Results.Status A simple result.
Results.StringChunks Chunked result based on String chunks.
Results.Todo A 501 NOT_IMPLEMENTED simple result.
Security Defines several security helpers.
Security.AuthenticatedAction Wraps another action, allowing only authenticated HTTP requests.
Security.Authenticator Handles authentication.
WebSocket<A> A WebSocket result.
WebSocket.In<A> A WebSocket in.

Annotation Types Summary
BodyParser.Of Specifiy the body parser to use for an Action method.
Security.Authenticated Wraps the annotated action in an AuthenticatedAction.
With Decorates an Action or a Controller with another Action.

Package play.mvc Description

Provides the Controller/Action/Result API for handling HTTP requests.