Interface BodyParser

All Known Implementing Classes:
BodyParser.AnyContent, BodyParser.FormUrlEncoded, BodyParser.Json, BodyParser.MultipartFormData, BodyParser.Raw, BodyParser.Text, BodyParser.TolerantJson, BodyParser.TolerantText, BodyParser.TolerantXml, BodyParser.Xml

public interface BodyParser

A body parser parses the HTTP request body content.

Nested Class Summary
static class BodyParser.AnyContent
          Guess the body content by checking the Content-Type header.
static class BodyParser.FormUrlEncoded
          Parse the body as form url encoded if the Content-Type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
static class BodyParser.Json
          Parse the body as Json if the Content-Type is text/json or application/json.
static class BodyParser.MultipartFormData
          Parse the body as form url encoded without checking the Content-Type.
static interface BodyParser.Of
          Specifiy the body parser to use for an Action method.
static class BodyParser.Raw
          Store the body content in a RawBuffer.
static class BodyParser.Text
          Parse the body as text if the Content-Type is text/plain.
static class BodyParser.TolerantJson
          Parse the body as Json without checking the Content-Type.
static class BodyParser.TolerantText
          Parse the body as text without checking the Content-Type.
static class BodyParser.TolerantXml
          Parse the body as Xml without checking the Content-Type.
static class BodyParser.Xml
          Parse the body as Xml if the Content-Type is text/xml.
Method Summary
 play.api.mvc.BodyParser<Http.RequestBody> parser(int maxLength)

Method Detail


play.api.mvc.BodyParser<Http.RequestBody> parser(int maxLength)