Class Http

  extended by play.mvc.Http

public class Http
extends java.lang.Object

Defines HTTP standard objects.

Nested Class Summary
static class Http.Context
          The global HTTP context.
static class Http.Cookie
          HTTP Cookie
static interface Http.Cookies
          HTTP Cookies set
static class Http.Flash
          HTTP Flash.
static interface Http.HeaderNames
          Defines all standard HTTP headers.
static class Http.MultipartFormData
          Multipart form data body.
static class Http.RawBuffer
          Handle the request body a raw bytes data.
static class Http.Request
          An HTTP request.
static class Http.RequestBody
          The request body.
static class Http.Response
          The HTTP response.
static class Http.Session
          HTTP Session.
static interface Http.Status
          Defines all standard HTTP status codes.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public Http()