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§Play Tutorials

Play’s documentation shows the available features and how to use them, but the documentation will not show how to create an application from start to finish. This is where tutorials come in.

Tutorials are useful for showing a single application at work, especially when it comes to integrating with other systems such as databases or Javascript frameworks.

§Activator Templates

Many Activator templates come with comprehensive tutorials that guide you to creating an application using the technologies featured by that template.

A full list of templates can be discovered in the Activator Web Interface.

Additionally, templates are also published on the Lightbend website, a full list of both official and community contributed templates for Play can be found here.

Lightbend maintains a number of Activator templates. These have built-in tutorials that you can see by running the application with activator ui and then opening the web interface at and clicking on the Tutorial tab.


This is where you should start with Play to see a simple example CRUD application.

§Reactive Stocks

Reactive Stocks shows several stock prices displayed on a single page web application.

§Reactive Maps

Reactive Maps shows the Lightbend Platform with a series of moving actors updated in real time.


§Third Party Tutorials

The Play community also has a number of tutorials that cover aspects of Play than the documentation can, or has a different angle. This is an incomplete list of several helpful blog posts.

Because some of the blog posts have been written a while ago, this section is organized by Play version.


§Dependency Injection

§Akka Streams



Semisafe has an excellent series on Play in general:

§Minimal Play

§Dependency Injection


Justin Rodenbostel of SPR Consulting also has two blog posts on building REST APIs in Play:





§AngularJS, RequireJS and sbt-web

Marius Soutier has an excellent series on setting up a Javascript interface using AngularJS with Play and sbt-web. It was originally written for Play 2.1.x, but has been updated for Play 2.4.x

§React JS




Knoldus has a nice series of blog posts on Anorm:



§Advanced Routing

§Path Bindables


§User Interface

§Play in Practice

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