§Testing your application

Test source files must be placed in your application’s test folder. You can run tests from the Play console using the test and test-only tasks.

§Using JUnit

The default way to test a Play 2 application is with JUnit.

package test;

import org.junit.*;

import play.mvc.*;
import play.test.*;
import play.libs.F.*;

import static play.test.Helpers.*;
import static org.fest.assertions.Assertions.*;

public class SimpleTest {

    public void simpleCheck() {
        int a = 1 + 1;

§Running in a fake application

If the code you want to test depends on a running application, you can easily create a FakeApplication on the fly:

public void findById() {
    running(fakeApplication(), new Runnable() {
       public void run() {
           Computer macintosh = Computer.find.byId(21l);

You can also pass (or override) additional application configuration, or mock any plugin. For example to create a FakeApplication using a default in-memory database:


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