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§The Play WS API

Sometimes you want to call other HTTP services from within a Play application. Play supports this via its play.libs.WS library, which provides a way to make asynchronous HTTP calls.

A call made by play.libs.WS should return a Promise<Ws.Response>, which you can handle later with Play’s asynchronous mechanisms.

§Making HTTP calls

To make an HTTP request, you start with WS.url() to specify the URL. Then you get a builder that you can use to specify HTTP options, such as setting headers. You end by calling a method corresponding to the HTTP method you want to use:

Promise<WS.Response> homePage = WS.url("").get();


Promise<WS.Response> result = WS.url("http://localhost:9001").post("content");

§Retrieving the HTTP response result

The call is made asynchronously and you need to manipulate it as a Promise<WS.Response> to get the actual content. You can compose several promises and end up with a Promise<Result> that can be handled directly by the Play server:

import play.libs.F.Function;
import play.libs.WS;
import play.mvc.*;

public class Controller extends Controller {

 public static Result feedTitle(String feedUrl) {
    return async(
	    new Function<WS.Response, Result>() {
	        public Result apply(WS.Response response) {
	            return ok("Feed title:" + response.asJson().findPath("title"));

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