You are viewing the documentation for the 2.6.1 release in the 2.6.x series of releases. The latest stable release series is 3.0.x.

§Play modules

Play uses public modules to augment built-in functionality.

To create your own public module or to migrate from a play.api.Plugin, please see ScalaPlayModules or JavaPlayModules.

§API hosting







§Sass Plugin

§Typescript Plugin

§play-webpack Plugin

§Authentication (Login & Registration) and Authorization (Restricted Access)

§Silhouette (Scala)

§Deadbolt 2 Plugin

§Play-pac4j (Java and Scala)

§Authentication and Authorization module (Scala)

§Play! Authenticate (Java)

§SecureSocial (Java and Scala)


§Flyway plugin

§MongoDB Jongo Plugin (Java)

§MongoDB Morphia Plugin (Java)

§MongoDB ReactiveMongo Plugin (Scala)



§Redis Plugin (Java and Scala)

§ScalikeJDBC Plugin (Scala)

§Redis Cache Plugin (Java and Scala)


§WAR Module

§Page Rendering

§Play Pagelets


§FolderMessages plugin


§Messages Compiler Plugin (Scala)

§Play I18n HOCON


§Google’s HTML Compressor (Java and Scala)

§Memcached Plugin

§Task Schedulers

§Akka Quartz Scheduler


§Templates and View

§Google Closure Template Plugin

§HTML5 Tags module (Java and Scala)


§PDF module (Java)

§Play-Bootstrap (Java and Scala)

§Thymeleaf module (Scala)

§Handlebars templates (Java and Scala)


§Emailer Plugin (Java and Scala)

§Geolocation (Java)

§JSONP filter

§Sitemap Generator (Java)

§play-guard (Scala)

§Cloud services

§Amazon SES module (Scala)

§Amazon S3 module (Scala)